LPM 001 – Lost Highway

“The same procedure as every year…” the trip to the Live Performers Meeting in Rome staarts with chaos…

…after Ryan Air had cancelled our flight tickets for some strange reason, a meeting was scheduled at CafĂ© Gorki Park to discuss further proceedings. A few cigarettes, debates, calculations and desperate phone-calls later the decision was made to turn the LPM visit into a transcontinental road trip…On the next day, all of us met to buy the last essential gadgets for the planned visual narrative performance and struggled with our tape-munching camcorder, peripheral work deadlines and frustrations. Eventually, we managed to shoot some scenes and while fRED spent a lot of time capturing, compositing and editing clips afterwards, Bram and Flux returned to the desks to finish due freelance work.

Wednesday afternoon, fRED and Flux finished filming some more clips and crammed the Audi A4 with loads of cables, computers and the usual nerdcore visualists equipment. Bram was picked up and we started our trip towards West-Berlin, searching for some more environments to capture final Berlin shots for our live-set.


The Autobahn was hit around 6pm and the cruise-controlled Audi rolled south. Although the roads were fairly clear, several construction sites and a lot of trucks slowed us down a bit, and six hours later, we finally arrived at Flux’s parents home in Heidelberg to chill in front of the TV, fill our stomaches and take a few hours of sleep.

The next morning started with a few more chaotic issues. Flux didn’t hear his alarm clock, and we got up an hour later than planned. The shower was freezing cold, but refreshing (the heater didn’t work for some reason) and within only a few minutes, we found ourselves back in the car. The morning sun was enjoyed (and filmed) on the garden terrace of the famous Heidelberg castle, but soon, our hunger and caffeine addiction forced us to continue to find a bakery and a supermarket to hunt some breakfast and nurture to survive the upcoming passing of the Alps. Our primary survival needs got satisfied very soon and we brought our weels back on the freeway.


The ride to and through Switzerland was calm and quick and the huge mountains and crystal clear lakes around us very imressive. After we slipped through the pinhole of the Gotthard tunnel, holiday feelings came up because it got warmer and the first palm and pine trees appeared as we approached the Italian border. fRED safely drove us to the beautiful refuge villa of his aunt and uncle in the idyllic mountainsite where we were heartly welcomed and even spoilt with pasta, coffee, cake and fresh grapes that grew above our heads on the terrace. It was hard, having to leave the beautiful place again, but two hours later we returned to the messy car seats to start the final stage of the roadtrip.


The last hours went by very quickly – the Audi dove through the night, through a lot of construction sites, where workers crossed the road like scared deer in the headlights, maniac drivers passed by with insane speeds, and glowing bright pimped up trucks ruled the highway all the way down to Roma. We fortunately found the right exit in Rome and arrived rightaway at the Linux Club. The expected chaos surrounded us when we walked in, recognizing known faces and totally flashed by the loudness and bright video flickering. We were still in the driving mood and not quite used to the sudden party atmosphere, so we waited outside the club for Valeria and her friends who had organized a sleeping place for us…

(September 2007)

getting entangled in jitter

Infos: http://asconet.org:8000/antville/flux/stories/2549/

(August 2007)

MIGs and Geeks

fRED did some nice impression videos from the Chaos Communication Camp near Finowfurt. Enjoy…

[flx:http://blip.tv/file/get/VisualBerlin-Airport534.flv http://static.blip.tv/VisualBerlin-Airport534-472.jpg 320 240]

[flx:http://blip.tv/file/get/VisualBerlin-Nachtflughafen963.flv http://static.blip.tv/VisualBerlin-Nachtflughafen963-724.jpg 320 240]

(August 2007)

Live Performers Meeting 2010

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I arrived back to rainy Berlin today after a visit of our friends at Live Performers Meeting in sunny Rome. Trapped in the organisation mode for our festival I paid a lot of attention to how the things were planned and organised there. I was happy and relieved to see the similarities in approach, planning and improvisation of the whole LPM crew and the VisualBerlin family here. Love and passion for the artform and a big interest in community building are the main keys to make it happen. I picked up a few tricks here and there and exchanged experiences with the LPM team. In comparison to the last Live Performers Meetings this year it was a very straightforward and relaxed atmosphere with a very good mix of interested and sociable artists – where I never had the impression that too many things happened at the same time or I’d be anxious that I’d miss something – a feeling I remembered from the years before.

The artists and performers at LPM were very interested in our festival here – some will definetly also come here while others were sad that they won’t be able to attend. I put up some posters at the Brancaleone venue and spread flyers and once in a while caught a glimpse of curious artists reading our line-up or discussing Berlin related issues. A few people approached me and asked questions or simply wanted to tell me how much they liked the eye-catching design of the promotion material (props to fRED & E-Gruppe!)

I saw amazing audiovisual performances and great VJ-Sets. My favorite shows were definetly the epic metal duo Throw Up from France with their hand-drawn animation and collage based visual storytelling – and of course the jaw-drop digital hardcore show of Lance Blisters, who will also play at our festival!

Mille grazie to Gianluca, Ioann, Marco, Valeria, Donatella & Co.

(January 1970)