a VJ’s joy of using PC – part 2

I was super nervous about having to use my new Thinkpad with a new operating system and a new VJ software which I am not used to right at the first huge gig in the burning summer sun, covered with dust, in front of tens of thousands of people at Love Family Park yesterday together with Jem the Misfit…especially after what i’ve gone through last week… >>>

(July 2013)

a VJ’s joy of using PC – part 1

In my previous post i elaborated on my recent decision to switch from Mac to PC. Such drastic changes of course influence my work in various ways. Some things were expected, others surprised me. Of course i was aware of obvious things like suddenly having to deal with graphic card driver settings, not being able to use my beloved Mac VJ software (VDMX) anymore and losing out on technologies like syphon.

…then I got reminded of what it’s like, having to work on a Windows PC… >>>

(July 2013)


Coming home from a nice meeting with family and friends. That’s what it feels like returning from Live Performers Meeting last weekend in Rome. It’s been four amazing days with inspiring performances, even more inspiring chats with dozens of artists, a relaxed vibe, brilliant weather, good food and the usual Roman chaos. >>>

(June 2012)

cranky frames per second mayhem

i watched the sequel of Crank last night, without any expectations in quality and plot – but i was stunned! the video camera work is faster and shakier with fast cuts and beautiful fish-eye sequences – like a music video of aphex twin or squarepusher. the music is hysteric and ingenius with cranky sound effects and a more than fitting musical selection. all in all it’s a fine piece of 90min video-art with adrenaline and testosterone overdose…

the flick is peppered with graphical elements and typographic delicacies, live-visuals style kaleidoscope effects and colors and contrast always crisp to the max. there are psychedelic sequences, illustrated sequences, super8-aestetics, a really absurd long shot tribute to godzilla movies.

the characters are exaggerated comic heroes reminding me a lot of robert rodriguez archetypical figures. couldn’t be better! the appearance of  david carradine as a life-craving horny old chinese triad gangster drooling over busty young whores is hilarious considering his current absurd death.

if you have strong nerves, are used to bloody gore mayhem, explicit language with funny brit accent and a b-movie fan, video or VJ art geek, you will definetly enjoy this flick as much as i did.

5 out of 5 stars!

trailer at apple.com

(July 2009)

5 years of flux


On may 28th, 2004 i had my first serious VJ gig under the artist name ‘Kiritan Flux’. Cheers!

(May 2009)

N4™® m4cht glükcl!ch und fre!

got it back running ^_^

(April 2009)

nato porn

i just stumbled upon screenshots of my first Max/NATO patches on an old OS9 backup CD.

…to be honest – functionality-wise they have been my favorite VJ tools ever…
…the output quality was horrible though *sigh*

the best one: FluxMelange (2004)

the first one: FiatFlux v.1.1.a (2003)

video recordings of FluxMelange in action n°1, n°2ff

(March 2009)

max up your live

wow. a real surprise present from cycling74. max / msp / jitter integration and direct interaction with ableton live. yet, a logical step in ableton’s cooperation with c74 since 2006. via CDM

(January 2009)

VisualBerlin Weihnachtsfeier

Musik: DJ MoGreens

(December 2008)

puducherry unlimited

amazing photo gallery of christoph who traveled from istanbul, turkey to auroville, india with trains, cars and buses.

view full gallery

(September 2008)