a VJ’s joy of using PC – part 1

In my previous post i elaborated on my recent decision to switch from Mac to PC. Such drastic changes of course influence my work in various ways. Some things were expected, others surprised me. Of course i was aware of obvious things like suddenly having to deal with graphic card driver settings, not being able to use my beloved Mac VJ software (VDMX) anymore and losing out on technologies like syphon.

…then I got reminded of what it’s like, having to work on a Windows PC… >>>

(July 2013)

back beyond green rolling hills…

…of “bliss

My beloved MacBook Pro 4,1 (early 2008) started to become a bit flaky in the last weeks and the transitions from PAL to HD and full HD video material in my work left me more and more frustrated with render times, so i began to think about a replacement for my slightly aged digital companion. >>>

(June 2013)