A night with Celeste

(a personal report by Kiritan Flux, photos by Ilan Katin)

Just having a faint idea that there was supposed to be something going on this saturday friday evening i checked the outsourced part of my permanently damaged brain memory. the digital cloud reminded me of the Celeste prize final party event and I suddenly got really excited about going there. Looking at the menubar clock I realized I had only half an hour of time before it would start, so I threw a post about it into the VB feed, dropped all my other ongoing procrastination tasks, grabbed my photo camera and left.

Sipping a nice cold bottle of czech beer I walked to the gigantic industrial compound of the old AEG factory in Wedding, scanning the dark area for hints about Celeste. I strayed around the red brick and rusty metal complex, totally lost – until a naturally wary, androgynous, and faceless security guard popped up from the shadows wanting to know my intentions. I explained myself and the guard dutifully pointed me into the right direction. On the way, I realized I forgot to bring the CF card for my camera at my office…


(October 2009)