spiskowcy rozkoszy

(polish: “conspirators of pleasure”, photo by Moony)

happy new year to all you beautiful people!

(spoiler: post-new-years-eve hippie bullsh*t coming up)

2012 has been >>>

(January 2013)

beneath the 747

report about my 36 hours trip to speyer. all names are fictional, all actions and observations exaggerated, rude, biased or simply not true.

it was after a full week of family gatherings, round birthday celebrations, the usual social christmas hell, annoyed relatives, annoying relatives and other relatively annoying days in my hometown that i decided i really needed a break from this atmosphere so i wouldn’t turn insane or into a serial killer.

egon, a friend of mine whom i had met around a year ago, filmmaker, bohemian, bon vivant, almost neighbor in kreuzberg – organises a small film festival in the lovely medieval city of speyer together with old friends every year between christmas and new years: the grande filiale. >>>

(December 2012)

step 4: detox

no explanations needed this time. no more reflections and illusions. don’t talk about it. just do it. point.

(December 2012)


OkCupid wants me to get laid on doomsday. With a 24 year old lesbian. Kinky. >>>

(December 2012)

Zeitzeuge & Fernsehpionier Oliver Storz

fesselnde doku über den deutschen drehbuchautoren, regisseur und filmproduzenten Oliver Storz.

die FAZ schreibt ehrfürchtig: „Lawinen der Erinnerung“ ist ein Bild- wie Klangkunstwerk, ein Lehrstück des respektvollen Porträts und ein Musterbeispiel dafür, was eine Fernsehproduktion erreichen kann. Was vom Fernsehen bleibt, werden Filme wie dieser sein. Filme, die auch problemlos auf der Kinoleinwand zu fesseln verstehen, wie man auf der Berlinale sehen wird.” >>>

(December 2012)

Ungarns Weg in den Neofaschismus

eine beängstigende arte doku über die derzeitigen zustände in ungarn, mitten in europa…

(December 2012)

step 3: digitalectic self reflection

i am such a pretender. did i lie to myself or was i too naive or am i just too sedated by capital’s cybernetic commodity fetishism? probably a mix of all of the above. why?

time for some self reflection. >>>

(December 2012)

48h Neukölln: Saturday

After the unsuccessful Friday night, I was willing to start another attempt on Saturday night – less planning, less destinations, better preparation (vodka & coffee) and with company. >>>

(June 2012)

48h Neukölln: Friday

What started as a self organised initiative by artists to fight the common perception of the Neukölln area as the criminal immigrant slums of Berlin has become an insanely overcrowded mass-event.

This year the program offered 600 events in around 340 places! >>>

(June 2012)


Coming home from a nice meeting with family and friends. That’s what it feels like returning from Live Performers Meeting last weekend in Rome. It’s been four amazing days with inspiring performances, even more inspiring chats with dozens of artists, a relaxed vibe, brilliant weather, good food and the usual Roman chaos. >>>

(June 2012)