Patchcord Sunday Report

By coincidence I stumbled into two inspiring performances yesterday. One was Blank Pages, an experimental audio jam around four simple rules: use PureData or Max/MSP, open a blank patch, jam for 60 minutes, no load – no save. The event took place at the NK, an art gallery / studio / open space run by an old friend of VisualBerlin: Julian Percy. The registered participants were experimental musician and Max/MSP veteran Stefan Tiedje, installation and plastic artist Renaud Rubiano, VisualBerlin’s hardware expert and PD geek Servando, João Pais from Brazil, and the musicians Duan Wasi and Dominik Tresowski. It was one hour of ambient noise and experimental resampling joy and we got back in touch with the NK for future collaboration. A visual focused blank pages event with Jitter, GEM, vvvv, Isadora etc. has been in the back of my head for a long time and now I’m even more keen to realize such an event some time in the near future.

from the NK we went to General Public in the evening to see the performances of Andre Castro and Pan Am Scan. Andre started off with a really interesting live sound piece, resampling, looping and processing short snippets of noisy radio signals while surfing the frequency bands.

The following audiovisual performance of Pan Am Scan totally blew me away! The stage setup was impressive already, with a beautiful large vibraphone, a quite odd drum set, huge contrabass and laptop galore. My senses tried to follow every milisecond of the 40 minute performance of noisy ambient live jazz with incredibly talented vibraphone improvisation and insane drum geekery. The vvvv-based visuals perfectly matched the music and overall ambience and were just incredible. Silhouettes and subliminal outlines of faces and people shone through a strangely organic full screen dot matrix, occasionally flashing up in bright lens flare like glitches and feedback or bloating up into the third dimension towards the audience. Stunningly analog looking television interference noise flickering in sync with the audio, zoomed in to beautiful wave patterns with mesmerizing jitter. The whole performance really gave me  shivers and I will definetly be there when Pan Am Scan will perform again in Berlin.

more impressions here

(September 2009)

Flimmerkiste #2 Wildscreening

Yesterday I had the honor to participate at the second edition of ‘Flimmerkiste’, the regional VJ gathering in Mannheim. The meeting place was the lounge area of Zeitraumexit close to the industrial harbor of Mannheim, the same location where last year’s B-Seite VJ festival took place. The round of attendees was small but select: Pixelschubser, VJ Tenner, TimVis and myself among a small group of curious young people from the national theater.


The formal part of the meeting was rather short – i felt a bit flattered, receiving a free beer to celebrate the ‘5 years of flux’ anniversary – so I hoped we would quickly continue to the next point: AVIT Networking. We talked a bit about the planned issues and read through some text but eventually Pixelschubser decided to write down some info text about B-Seite at some point later.


Finally we proceeded to the most fun part of the evening: guerilla wildscreening in downtown Mannheim. Armed with a gasoline electricity generator, a nice 5000 ANSI projector, manfrotto tripod, V4 and laptops we walked through the Kreuzberg’ish ‘Jungbusch’ area towards the center marketplace where the huge city hall is located.


Equipment was set up quickly and we had a lot of fun, doing spontaneous mapping masks, jamming along, spreading Flimmerkiste flyers to curious bystanders. The cops came twice, but rather because of curiosity than maintenance of public order. Timing was perfect, because when the VJs really started to get groovy, the illumination of the city hall got switched off and we had the whole building just for ourselves.

go to for Full HD

The evening in Mannheim was a lot of inspiration and fun and I was glad to be part of it. Frankly, the VJs around here seem a lot more spontaneous and kicking than most of us guys in Berlin – since we planned such a guerilla projection night forever without ever doing it. 😉

(May 2009)

5 years of flux


On may 28th, 2004 i had my first serious VJ gig under the artist name ‘Kiritan Flux’. Cheers!

(May 2009)

PHP4 to PHP5 Upgrade Horror

Upgrading PHP4 to PHP5 on a vanilla Debian Etch / Plesk 8.6.0 system with apt-get eventually renders Plesk unusable. I had to learn this the hard way. DO NOT UPGRADE TO PHP5 BEFORE DOING THE FOLLOWING STEPS:

BEFORE upgrading anything with apt-get, add the following apt source to /etc/sources.list:

deb etch all

save it and do

apt-get update

Now you may upgrade the system with

apt-get upgrade

If everything works fine, now you HAVE TO install the PHP5 support package for Plesk by hand:

apt-get install psa-php5-configurator

As a final step, restart Plesk with

/etc/init.d/psa restart

…and log into Plesk.

Tadaaa! Plesk runs with full PHP5 support now.

solution found at this site

(May 2009)

N4™® m4cht glükcl!ch und fre!

got it back running ^_^

(April 2009)

nato porn

i just stumbled upon screenshots of my first Max/NATO patches on an old OS9 backup CD.

…to be honest – functionality-wise they have been my favorite VJ tools ever…
…the output quality was horrible though *sigh*

the best one: FluxMelange (2004)

the first one: FiatFlux v.1.1.a (2003)

video recordings of FluxMelange in action n°1, n°2ff

(March 2009)

Guter VJ, schlechter VJ – das ewige Thema

(dieser artikel liegt bei mir schon ewig in der warteschleife und wird jetzt endlich mal rausgehauen)

Die Frage wann ein VJ ‘gut’ oder ‘nicht so gut’ ist wurde schon unzählige Male unter Kollegen am Kneipentresen und auf vielen VJ-Festivals diskutiert und meist gerät man in endlose Diskussionsschleifen über Ästhetik und technisches Know-How. Einen gemeinsamen Nenner zu finden ist häuftig schwierig, denn trotz der grenzenlosen technischen Gesichtspunkte bleibt die Diskussion über das VJing letztendlich eine Diskussion über Kunst und diese scheitert in der Regel an dem Punkt darüber objektiv urteilen zu können.

Bei, der erfreulicherweise mittlerweile wieder sehr aktiven Plattform der deutschsprachigen VJ-Szene, existiert seit 2007 ein nicht totzukriegender Diskussionsthread, der sich genau dieser Frage widmet und eine Zusammenfassung darüber ist schon längst überfällig:


(March 2009)

max up your live

wow. a real surprise present from cycling74. max / msp / jitter integration and direct interaction with ableton live. yet, a logical step in ableton’s cooperation with c74 since 2006. via CDM

(January 2009)

VisualBerlin Weihnachtsfeier

Musik: DJ MoGreens

(December 2008)

fader.flux 0.2

having read fAlk’s nice article about the faderfox DJ2 and about the problems of using the endless dial knobs with VDMX, i reacted to his question whether this would somehow be possible to solve. i created this little application with max that translates the endless dial’s signals to OSC messages which can be sent to VDMX5. fAlk created a nice splash-screen and manual for it. there may be more proto:flux projects coming in the future…stay tuned…


(September 2008)