practical privacy roundup

what we suspected and our paranoid friends have always told us eventually turned out to be true – and even worse than thought. Edward Snowden’s brave revelations were shocking, but not shocking enough to make the normal citizen take consequences in his or her online life. we’re very quick in accusations and blaming politics about the lack of privacy and security of our online data – but in the end it’s our own fault and our own responsibility.

enjoying the convenient and easy to use services of google, facebook, and other corporations for FREE did not make us think about why they offer them for free. they are in fact not. we pay them what’s way more worth than money: our information. of course it was just a matter of time that not only corporations used and abused the info we voluntarily gave them – but also governments and secret services took the logical opportunity to tap into this priceless collection of our private lives. i’ll not go into detail about what this means, i am sure there are zillions of other posts and articles about it all over the net.

eventually i am trying to take this responsibility about my data serious and i want to give some hints and advice about my attempts to gain more privacy and security of my data. >>>

(August 2013)

step 4: detox

no explanations needed this time. no more reflections and illusions. don’t talk about it. just do it. point.

(December 2012)

long live the hero

in mid 2009 i bought a HTC Hero (GSM) smartfone and i was amazed by the endless possibilites. but soon the first glitches happened, it crashed, froze, wifi stopped working, i wasn’t able to charge it anymore, and i had it sent in for repair and maintenance twice.

i started to be annoyed by this fone i spent so much money on because it seemed that most flaws it had resulted from operating system and software bugs.

eventually i flashed a custom ROM on it (VillainROM 12.0.0) which took days of research, including having an unusable fone for two days, but i managed to get it to work. it was definetly an improvement. the interface was not as slow as before and everything worked flawlessly. but over time i got more and more frustrated by the lack of speed of my gadget. seeing other newer HTC smartfones and the iPhone and how much snappier they ran i started considering to sell my HTC Hero because i was tired of waiting for the user interface all the time because it hung itself up.

(July 2011)

digital spring cleaning

i finally had time to make myself new websites. one for my art related portfolio, one for my work related stuff. i cleaned up this blog too – only the posts related to my work and art are still here, all the political rants, allday-life shenanigans, and all that jazz moved over to where it blends in nicely.

(May 2011)

Set up a proxy to help the Iranian people

If you have a server at hand and wish to set up a proxy in order to help the Iranian people bypass censorship and net filters, I recommend squid.

For Windows, use the instructions here.

For Mac, use the instructions here.

For a Debian based Linux system use the following commands:

sudo apt-get install squid
sudo nano -w /etc/squid/squid.conf

(if nano is not installed, try the vi editor or install nano with sudo apt-get install nano)

in the nano editor, search (ctrl+w) for “http_access deny all” and replace the line with the following lines:

acl TRUSTED src

http_access allow TRUSTED

access_log none
cache_store_log none

and save the file. then restart the proxy with

sudo /etc/init.d/squid restart

the proxy will now allow people within an iranian IP range to use your server as a proxy to freely access the web and other HTTP based services. the last two lines prevent your server from logging users of your proxy. this saves resources and privacy.

via Austin Heap

(June 2009)

PHP4 to PHP5 Upgrade Horror

Upgrading PHP4 to PHP5 on a vanilla Debian Etch / Plesk 8.6.0 system with apt-get eventually renders Plesk unusable. I had to learn this the hard way. DO NOT UPGRADE TO PHP5 BEFORE DOING THE FOLLOWING STEPS:

BEFORE upgrading anything with apt-get, add the following apt source to /etc/sources.list:

deb etch all

save it and do

apt-get update

Now you may upgrade the system with

apt-get upgrade

If everything works fine, now you HAVE TO install the PHP5 support package for Plesk by hand:

apt-get install psa-php5-configurator

As a final step, restart Plesk with

/etc/init.d/psa restart

…and log into Plesk.

Tadaaa! Plesk runs with full PHP5 support now.

solution found at this site

(May 2009)

N4™® m4cht glükcl!ch und fre!

got it back running ^_^

(April 2009)

nato porn

i just stumbled upon screenshots of my first Max/NATO patches on an old OS9 backup CD.

…to be honest – functionality-wise they have been my favorite VJ tools ever…
…the output quality was horrible though *sigh*

the best one: FluxMelange (2004)

the first one: FiatFlux v.1.1.a (2003)

video recordings of FluxMelange in action n°1, n°2ff

(March 2009)

fader.flux 0.2

having read fAlk’s nice article about the faderfox DJ2 and about the problems of using the endless dial knobs with VDMX, i reacted to his question whether this would somehow be possible to solve. i created this little application with max that translates the endless dial’s signals to OSC messages which can be sent to VDMX5. fAlk created a nice splash-screen and manual for it. there may be more proto:flux projects coming in the future…stay tuned…


(September 2008)

city 17 street art

the epic 3d fpsrpg half life 2 had the most realistic an nicely made street art spread across city 17. if you liked it as much as i did, here is a zip file with all graffitis, pochoirs and posters from the game, extracted from the original .vtf files as tga images including alpha channels. enjoy.

this is my favorite stencil of the g-man in the rain. it only appears once. i don’t remember where it was – somewhere underground city 17


(August 2008)