white city peace

crunching through diamond powder
sparkling flakes on my nose
black smiling faces
selling joy in small bags
innocent bunnies peeking
hobbling off in the dark
reflections of the city
diffusing thousandfold
in the white peace >>>

(January 2013)


1. the place where we welcomed the new year
2. what we remember from this moment

(by Tomasz aka. Mr-I)


thanks a lot to the incredible Mr. I and Ms. M, to Ewa, the Mormon, Emiko and the hundreds of lovely people who received kisses, hugs, and the blessings of Cheesus. unforgettable sylwester! Dziekuje Warszawa!

(January 2013)

beneath the 747

report about my 36 hours trip to speyer. all names are fictional, all actions and observations exaggerated, rude, biased or simply not true.

it was after a full week of family gatherings, round birthday celebrations, the usual social christmas hell, annoyed relatives, annoying relatives and other relatively annoying days in my hometown that i decided i really needed a break from this atmosphere so i wouldn’t turn insane or into a serial killer.

egon, a friend of mine whom i had met around a year ago, filmmaker, bohemian, bon vivant, almost neighbor in kreuzberg – organises a small film festival in the lovely medieval city of speyer together with old friends every year between christmas and new years: the grande filiale. >>>

(December 2012)

48h Neukölln: Saturday

After the unsuccessful Friday night, I was willing to start another attempt on Saturday night – less planning, less destinations, better preparation (vodka & coffee) and with company. >>>

(June 2012)

48h Neukölln: Friday

What started as a self organised initiative by artists to fight the common perception of the Neukölln area as the criminal immigrant slums of Berlin has become an insanely overcrowded mass-event.

This year the program offered 600 events in around 340 places! >>>

(June 2012)

pandas in space

bei meinem besuch in meiner heimatstadt heidelberg stieß ich im forum für kunst zufällig auf eine flyerpostkarte mit einem interessanten bild darauf. die postkarte bewarb eine kleine ausstellung im bourgeois pig, einem kleinen gemütlichen laden in der ingrimstraße. in dieser ecke bin ich gerne unterwegs, denn es ist zwar nur eine parallelstraße von der mittlerweile total verkommenen fußgängerzone in der hauptstraße entfernt, aber trotzdem ein immer noch uriges viertel. der blitztourismus ist hier noch genausowenig angekommen wie die infiltration der individuellen ladengeschäfte durch mobilfunkläden, mode- und kaufhausketten.


(April 2008)