practical privacy roundup

what we suspected and our paranoid friends have always told us eventually turned out to be true – and even worse than thought. Edward Snowden’s brave revelations were shocking, but not shocking enough to make the normal citizen take consequences in his or her online life. we’re very quick in accusations and blaming politics about the lack of privacy and security of our online data – but in the end it’s our own fault and our own responsibility.

enjoying the convenient and easy to use services of google, facebook, and other corporations for FREE did not make us think about why they offer them for free. they are in fact not. we pay them what’s way more worth than money: our information. of course it was just a matter of time that not only corporations used and abused the info we voluntarily gave them – but also governments and secret services took the logical opportunity to tap into this priceless collection of our private lives. i’ll not go into detail about what this means, i am sure there are zillions of other posts and articles about it all over the net.

eventually i am trying to take this responsibility about my data serious and i want to give some hints and advice about my attempts to gain more privacy and security of my data. >>>

(August 2013)

a VJ’s joy of using PC – part 2

I was super nervous about having to use my new Thinkpad with a new operating system and a new VJ software which I am not used to right at the first huge gig in the burning summer sun, covered with dust, in front of tens of thousands of people at Love Family Park yesterday together with Jem the Misfit…especially after what i’ve gone through last week… >>>

(July 2013)

a VJ’s joy of using PC – part 1

In my previous post i elaborated on my recent decision to switch from Mac to PC. Such drastic changes of course influence my work in various ways. Some things were expected, others surprised me. Of course i was aware of obvious things like suddenly having to deal with graphic card driver settings, not being able to use my beloved Mac VJ software (VDMX) anymore and losing out on technologies like syphon.

…then I got reminded of what it’s like, having to work on a Windows PC… >>>

(July 2013)

back beyond green rolling hills…

…of “bliss

My beloved MacBook Pro 4,1 (early 2008) started to become a bit flaky in the last weeks and the transitions from PAL to HD and full HD video material in my work left me more and more frustrated with render times, so i began to think about a replacement for my slightly aged digital companion. >>>

(June 2013)

croque mademoiselle camembert épicée

i woke up this morning and had this kinky idea… >>>

(January 2013)

step 4: detox

no explanations needed this time. no more reflections and illusions. don’t talk about it. just do it. point.

(December 2012)

Google Drive…NOT!

okeee…one can use it on a phone but not on a 2.4Ghz Macbook Pro running Leopard…whuuut?

(May 2012)

step 2: untangling the cobweb

after my number one procrastination gadet is gone, it’s time to continue reclaiming my braintime instead of wasting it on totally useless things. time to stop following the luring cybernetic commodity fetishism lurking beneath the spectacle of so-called “social networks.”

let’s face it! what started out as a useful means of keeping in touch with old friends and co-workers or tracking one’s favorite venues, tools for online promotion and communication – social networking has become much more than that! the social network begins to feel like a social cobweb keeping us attached 24/7.

facebook, twitter, google+, foursquare, you name them: their services are omnipresent and constantly open in several tabs of our browsers – with notifications popping up every minute, keeping us updated and – much more important – very occupied!

the constant occupation of our consiousness does not only keep us from being productive instead – it transforms us from being customers of convenient services to us being faithful resources that can be drained and loyal products to be sold.

yeah whatever! we all know that already! >>>

(January 2012)

step 1: smartphone to smartbrain

step one accomplished. i did it. the number one hub that unifies all my digital life in one plastic body: my emails, contact information of everyone i know, my photos, my facebook, my twitter, my foursquare. digital traces of who and where i am. my second brain and my interface to the digital world i have always with me: my smartphone.

i ditched it.

(December 2011)

long live the hero

in mid 2009 i bought a HTC Hero (GSM) smartfone and i was amazed by the endless possibilites. but soon the first glitches happened, it crashed, froze, wifi stopped working, i wasn’t able to charge it anymore, and i had it sent in for repair and maintenance twice.

i started to be annoyed by this fone i spent so much money on because it seemed that most flaws it had resulted from operating system and software bugs.

eventually i flashed a custom ROM on it (VillainROM 12.0.0) which took days of research, including having an unusable fone for two days, but i managed to get it to work. it was definetly an improvement. the interface was not as slow as before and everything worked flawlessly. but over time i got more and more frustrated by the lack of speed of my gadget. seeing other newer HTC smartfones and the iPhone and how much snappier they ran i started considering to sell my HTC Hero because i was tired of waiting for the user interface all the time because it hung itself up.

(July 2011)