permanent vacation

very bad acting, but it touched me nevertheless.

my favourite monologues:

«I’m tired of being alone.
Everyone is alone.
That’s why I just drift, you know.
People think it’s crazy.
But it’s better to think that you’re not alone when, you know, you’re drifting, even though you are.
Instead of just knowing that you’re alone all the time.
Some people, you know, they they can distract themselves with ambitions and motivation to work, you know, but it’s not for me.
They think people like myself are crazy.
Everyone does.
Cause of the way I live, you know.
I don’t know. I guess you can say it’s reckless.
But it’s the only way for me, you know.»

«But how can you explain something like this to someone?
I’m just not the kind of person that settles into anything.
I don’t think I ever will be.
Isn’t really anything left to explain that can be.
And that’s what I was trying to explain in the first place.
Just not like that.
I don’t want a job, or a house, or taxes although I wouldn’t mind a car, but… I don’t know.
Now that I’m away, I wish I was back there more than even when I was there.
Let’s just say I’m a certain kind of tourist…
A tourist that’s on a… permanent vacation.»

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