spiskowcy rozkoszy

(polish: “conspirators of pleasure”, photo by Moony)

happy new year to all you beautiful people!

(spoiler: post-new-years-eve hippie bullsh*t coming up)

2012 has been a rollercoaster ride for many of us. rising up sky high, falling down, questioning ourselves and the world, achieving what we never thought would be possible, losing what we took for granted.

the end of the world didn’t happen – or let’s say it didn’t end physically. no bang, no catastrophies, no destruction.

our anticipation for a possible apocalypse was a romantic one, some strange inner hope in the back of our heads. hope for change.

let’s keep this spirit alive! change is possible. destroy the world and restart from zero. not around us, but in our mind! imagine all the pain from the past, bad habits, mistakes we made, loves we lost, opportunities we missed, our egoistic self – burned in flames!

welcome to the new baktun, welcome to the post-apocalypse, the new era! it’s all yours!

conspire! not against anything or anyone – but FOR change to the better. start with yourself!

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