step 3: digitalectic self reflection

i am such a pretender. did i lie to myself or was i too naive or am i just too sedated by capital’s cybernetic commodity fetishism? probably a mix of all of the above. why?

time for some self reflection.

do i miss my smartphone? NOT AT ALL!

but despite of what i wrote earlier, i am still stuck on facebook half the day, and i don’t use twitter anymore, although i pretended it was my favorite service. wishful thinking!

what happened? why is it facebook and what do i like so much about it?

analysing my timeline of the last three months i mostly post links to articles i found worthy to be shared, occasionally some photos and events and the good thing about it is: i get instant likes or comments from my “friends.”

i believe that’s the thing that makes social networks so alluring. it’s the instantaneousness of feedback. instant action and instant response. tiny drops of rewards and glimpses of achievements. but is that bad? not per se!

but when you think about it – what’s bad is that every tiny thing you post is not only eaten and digested by facebook to sell you to the “personalised ads” sharks – no – it’s again that forced instantaneousness. your visible timeline stops after scrolling down a bit and it needs to load the “older” stuff. what if you want to look up something you posted on your own timeline three months ago? yes, you have to scroll down, wait, scroll down, wait – a pain in the ass! search function? nope! facebook wants you to be here NOW! post and forget! they call it “timeline” but actually it’s quite the opposite…

now my attempt to try better this time and keeping the things i post under my own control, have it searchable, sortable and even hosted on my own space but without losing the ability to share it – is by going back in time – around three years. what did i do then to share my thoughts and interesting links? riiight: blogging.

time to revive THIS blog right here. time to recondition myself to post here instead of on facebook. thanks to services like “if this then that” it also only takes a minute to enable my wordpress blog to spit out links to posts on facebook and twitter for notifications…

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